Dr. Don Thompson

by Neal Sivula



When did your interest in Veterinary Medicine begin?

Midway through high school.

What led you to Holistic Medicine?

I had been looking for other therapeutic options to have at my disposal.

Did you have any mentors as you became involved in Holistic Medicine?

Dr. Huisheng Xie, Dr. Steve Marsden, Dr. Robert Schwyzer and my wife, Dr. Holly Thompson.

What modalities do you practice, and where did you get your training?

I utilize, primarily, acupuncture, gained through IVAS, AAVA and the Chi Institute, and Chinese Herbal Medicine, through the Chi Institute and from Dr. Marsden.


What is the structure of your practice (eg. Solo, group, Integrative, solely Holistic)?  How many support staff do you have?

I own Vermont Integrative Veterinary Associates, with a single associate , on technician and one office manager.


What is your physical practice environment?  

 I have a small animal clinic and also own trucks with mobile practice inserts for large animal calls.

What is a normal workday like for you?

A typical start time is 7:30 AM, either in the clinic for small animal work or on the road for large animal calls until 5:30 to 7 PM.

What are your favorite tools (eg. Supplies, products, computers, etc)?  

Chinese herbal medications are my most useful tool in practice; acupuncture is very strong in my equine practice.



What provides you with inspiration in your practice life?

Certainly my wife and my family are the most important to my work ethic.

What are your favorite conferences?  

 Annual AAVA and the annual Chi Institute Conferences, either in the States or in China.

Do you have any other professional activities?

 I prepare and present lectures regularly for the Chi Institute and will be lecturing at Wisconsin's Veterinary College this fall; additionally, I authored a chapter for Dr. Xie's upcoming new textbook on Practical TCVM.


How do you maintain balance between your professional activities and home life?

 Fortunately, my wife is driven in her career similar to my situation; we also enjoy travel and outdoor activities together.

What do you like to do away from the office?

Travel, fly fishing and hunting in the West.

The Future

What is the future of holistic veterinary medicine?

Rapid expansion in client desire for it, in order to have many viable treatment options at their disposal.

Do you have any advice to those just starting out?

Be certain of your fundamentals and the rest will follow in as much depth as you can handle or you desire; Humility has its place.

Are there any new developments in Medicine that excite you?

Organized research in TCVM.