Dr. Jim Carlson

by Neal Sivula



When did your interest in Veterinary Medicine begin?

My mother raised Irish Setters before they were nuts and did some obedience shows as well.  She had several champions.  There were off and on times as to wanting to go into the field, but we ended on an “on”.

What led you to Holistic Medicine?

I wanted to have patients that I truly worked on wellness that did not just include vaccinating.  I knew that there was more.  I started with Standard Process and some Heel products and it went from there.

Did you have any mentors as you became involved in Holistic Medicine?

Bob Gaston, Dr. Xie, Dr. Rivera, and many friends like yourself, Kristin Sherman and Marty Goldstein and his crew.

What modalities do you practice, and where did you get your training?

Acupuncture- Chi Institute,  VSMT- Healing Oasis, Heel and homeopathic- all over, Standard process and nutritional- all over, laser therapy- Respond.


What is the structure of your practice (eg. Solo, group, Integrative, solely Holistic)?  How many support staff do you have?

Integrative- 3 veterinarians (2 full-time, 1 part-time).

What is your physical practice environment?  

We have worked hard to get rid of the negative unhealthy people and keep a good energy here.  We also burned some sage a few times.


What is a normal workday like for you?

10-11 hours of appointments, management, and surgery- just depends.  Acupuncture and VSMT make up all of my new clients.

What are your favorite tools (eg. Supplies, products, computers, etc)?  

Standard process, Heel, and Jing Tang are my favorites.


What provides you with inspiration in your practice life?

Learning more things and building the business.

What are your favorite conferences?  

Any where I can learn and can take the family for a vacation.

Are there any other things you do to be inspired professionally?

I am trying to take off more time to rest the mind.  I do better when not running stressed.

Do you have any other professional activities?

 None.  Family, Scouts and Knights of Columbus get the rest.


How do you maintain balance between your professional activities and home life?

It is very difficult.  I am getting associates that are like minded and training them.  This allows me some more time off.

What do you like to do away from the office?

Scouts, anything with nature and water.  Things with the wife and boys.

The Future

What is the future of holistic veterinary medicine?

Nowhere but up.

Do you have any advice to those just starting out?

Get a good group of friends, don’t compete with friends—value them.  Get to know your vendors, get as much formal education in the fields as possible.

Are there any new developments in Medicine that excite you?

 Laser, otherwise old traditions hold firm.