This project is the result of my curiosity about Holistic Veterinarians.  I have been practicing Holistic Veterinary Medicine for over ten years.  Throughout that time I have been fortunate enough to meet a variety of Veterinarians with an interest in Holistic Medicine; either as fellow students or teachers.   It is always a pleasure to get to know these people, as they always have fascinating stories of how events in both their personal and professional lives have led them into Holistic Medicine.  In addition , I am always curious about how my fellow Veterinarians practice their craft- what is their work environment, what keeps them focused, and what keeps them sane.  To that end, I decided to formulate a set of questions around five main elements:  History, Environment, Inspiration, Balance, and the Future.  I hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as I have.

- Neal J. Sivula, DVM, PhD, FAAVA


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